The Man with the Iron Fists released on 2 November 2012 (USA) in languages English and Mandarin.

It is thus also known as Irumbu Kai Mayavi and was filmed in Shanghai, China. It released under the production company named Arcade Pictures. It was directed by RZA or Robert Fitzgerald Diggs and written by him, as well as Eli Roth.

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Its estimated budget was that of $15,000,000 and it earned a total of $15,634,090 approximately in the United States as of 5 June 2013. Its worldwide cumulative gross was $19,721,245 (5 June 2013). In its primary weekend, it earned $7,910,980 as of 4 November 2012 which was calculated from the total of 1,868 number of theaters. It finished fourth on the opening day box office collection record behind Argo, Flight, and lastly Wreck-It Ralph. The first movie was already running while the other two films were new releases as well.

The Man with the Iron Fists

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