The film includes the following stars, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, RZA, Cung Le, Byron Mann, Dave Bautista, Rick Yune, and Jamie Chung. Here is a list of each character and their story in the movie.

The Man with the Iron Fist


RZA plays the Blacksmith or the man who creates the iron fists, as the title suggests. He wrote this character especially for himself and got trained for over two months to play the character. The full name of the blacksmith is Thaddeus Henry Smith. He was an American slave who killed his White master who wouldn’t free him and therefore fled to China where he is taught how to channel an ancient energy which can transform into a powerful living weapon. He works hard to earn enough money to pay Blossom, the head of the brothel, and free his lover Silk from prostitution.

He saves and helps Zen-Yi recover when he is attacked as a penance for crafting the weapon that killed Zen-Yi’s father. He is tortured for information by the Lions, however, he remains loyal to Zen-Yi and ends up losing his arms. With the help of his magical energy, he manages to create iron arms for himself which are more powerful than ever. During the climax fight sequence, he witnesses the love of his life dying in his arms and he successfully kills Brass Body, her murderer. He vows to protect the Jungle Village and aims to eradicate all violence as well. He and Zen-Yi become brothers in the end.

Zen-Yi Or The X-Blade

Zen-Yi or the X-Blade, played by Rick Yune was the Gold Lion’s son who swears to seek revenge on the murderers of his father, Silver and Bronze Lions. He is attacked before he could make a move but he manages to win the fight. So, the Lions send Brass Body to kill him. Zen-Yi gets terribly injured and the Blacksmith comes to his rescue. He recovers soon and pairs up with the Blacksmith to avenge the killers. During the climax sequence, the duo together with Jack and the Blossom girls manage to kill all the Lions. Zen-Yi and the Blacksmith become brothers in the end.

Jack Knife

Jack Knife played by Russell Crowe is named after his favorite signature piece of weapon. He comes to the village to investigate the transfer of gold as demanded by the governor and the murder of Gold Lion. He realizes that the assassination was committed by poisoning the mercury-tipped weaponry, this leads him to the Blacksmith. He reaches on time and saves him from bleeding to death. The blacksmith narrates his life story to Jack and through some motivation from him rebuilds his arms. So the two along with Zen-Yi and the Blossom girls fight out the Lions. Jack stops the open firing of the place right on time and safely delivers the Gold back to its entitled location.

Madam Blossom

Madam Blossom played by Lucy Liu is the owner of the Pink Blossom Brothel. One of the girls working for her includes Lady Silk, Blacksmith’s lover. Lucy herself describes her character as the queen of the Jungle Village. She manages to strike a deal with the Lions to hide the gold under the Brothel only to execute a bigger plan of poisoning them. On her one command, all the girls poison the Lions they are serving which leads to a fight that eventually kills Blossom. However, she manages to kill Bronze Lion before she dies. She is a powerful and fierce character.

Brass Body

Brass Body, played by David Bautista is one of the strongest characters in the movie. He is often described as a character who made a lot of bad choices in life. He moves to the Jungle Village and is hired by the Lions to kill Zen-Yi. He has arms made up of metal and therefore Zen-Yi is unable to defend himself and gets physically hurt. He kills Lady Silk, Blacksmith’s lover while she tries to poison him. Nobody till the climax scene is able to cause any harm to this character. However when his lover does in his arms, Blacksmith gets into a fight with Brass and with the help of his iron arms, he kills him.

Bronze Lion And Silver Lion

Bronze Lion And Silver Lion, played by Cung Le and Byron Mann respectively, are the betrayers of Gold Lion and together they plan to assassinate Gold and steal all the gold shipment. They also torture the Blacksmith and cut off his arms for any information on Zen-Yi when they find out about his plans. Blossom strikes a deal with them to hide the gold and while serving them poisons some of the Lions. They both die in the climax sequence, erasing the Lions altogether.

Lady Silk

Lady Silk, played by Jamie Chung is the lover of the blacksmith who works for Madam Blossom in her brothel. Blacksmith aims to earn money to be able to free her one day. In an attempt to follow Blossom’s orders, she attempts to poison Brass Body whom she is serving and due to his metal skin, she gets caught. He almost kills her and soon she dies in her lover’s arms.

The Man with the Iron Fists

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